The film explores the concerns surrounding the pursuit of urbanisation. As urban areas attract people from all over the world, they also face significant difficulties, such as high crime rates, environmental issue, and a growing population, which gradually erode the hopes and dreams of city dwellers.

Coming from a small town in Taiwan, I was filled with idealised portrayals of vibrant cities through the media. However, upon moving to Taipei, I felt overwhelmed and disoriented in the fast-paced urban environment, with its towering buildings and constant activity. These experiences, characterised by the challenges of adjusting to a bustling city life, caused feelings of frustration and depression.

Later, when I arrived in London, a true metropolis, I witnessed social issues that exposed the darker side of city life. It made me think about those who, like me, arrived with aspirations but became consumed by the complexities of the city.

In this film, I aim to provide relief to fellow urban residents by taking them on a journey that captures and evokes their feelings and experiences.

A Film by Tzu-Ying Chen
Music by FangBo @ Bubbles Vividly
Sound&Mix by FangBo @ Bubbles Vividly
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