The film is based on a recording of my grandfather sharing how he feels about growing old. He has always been an elder figure to me; his image is deeply ingrained as a ‘Grandfather’ in my mind. However, from his point of view, he still sees himself as a young man who never ages. This contrast in perspective is a common experience that many people can relate to. We often realise how time flies when we celebrate birthdays each year, but we are not fully aware of the physical ageing process.

The film can be seen as a conversation between my grandfather and me. As he speaks to me, my memories are reshaped into different figures based on my reactions to his words. The screen depicts him from my perspective, represented by collages of his personal items that serve as fragments of my memories. In the end, I remove those fragments that cover his face, breaking the image of a grandfather, and finally seeing what he sees.

Voice by Rong-Yuan Chen
A Film by Tzu-Ying Chen
Music Bathroom- Chillmore

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